About us

BBG is a specialized architecture studio in structural consulting and patrimonial rehabilitation, with a firm commitment of service, accuracy and proximity to whom may offer us their confidence.

Experience and new talents are joined in BBG. Continuous formation, solid knowledge and particularized studying of each project are words that define us.

We offer services of collaboration with professionals from the first stage of the project and technical assistance on intervention of existing buildings. We also perform inspection works, pathology diagnosis, structural integrity evaluations, viability studies of structural modifications, technical informs, measurements, master plans, etc.

Design and structural analysis is combined with research and continuous formation to offer the widest service for our customers.



of rehabilitated slab


shored-up pillars


foundation micropiles

5 years & 8 months

at your service


Structures are analyzed from an architectural point of view.

We work together with architects to reach the optimal design and give an appropriate response to the building needs.


Optimization and improvement are two of our main aims. That is why research is part of our everyday work to guarantee the best service for our customers.


We develop from initial viability studies to execution projects. Working in coordination with architects we reach the optimal structural solution according to the project's concept.

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